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"Dear Ms. Thistle

I am taking the opportunity to inform you that I am very pleased with your professionalism and efficiency in managing our strata. It has been a pleasure to work with you and to communicate with you on several issues dealing with the day to day operations of the strata and in general conversation. Any strata would be very fortunate to have you and Columbia Property Management as their management team."

- Gary

"I have come to respect John's ability to deal with problems in a timely and effective manner. His relationship with the Strata Council is excellent, and the service provided by his office and maintenance staff has been prompt and efficient."

- Stan, Kamloops BC

"I find John and his staff to be very organized, efficient, timely and very knowledgeable. His personal attention to details is a great asset and he makes himself available to our council whenever we need him."

- Gina, Kamloops BC

"I have found John to always be professional, respectful and very helpful."

- Sherry, Kamloops BC

"John has proven himself to be highly ethical, efficient and reliable in the discharge of all duties associated with the running of our strata. He is personable and approachable and has provided very sound guidance and management for the Strata Council."

- Ross, Kamloops BC

"John is very committed to looking out for the owners' best interest in the long term. His recommendations to the Strata Council are always based on his long term experience in property management. I constantly draw on his knowledge of the Strata Act and property laws and principles for guidance in my decisions. When dealing with the council and the unit owners, John and his staff are always fair and reasonable."

- Tom, Kamloops BC

"As a result of John Brandon's efforts, our property stands out as being well groomed and an asset to the surrounding properties in our neighbourhood."

- Gordon, Kamloops BC

"John is very efficient in his duties and has dealt fairly and business like in all his duties. He has looked after our complex for a number of years and we have no hesitation in recommending his company to future clients that want an honest and reliable business."

- Ashcroft BC

"John Brandon has been responsible for many improvements to our strata, such as finding ways to lower monthly fees, lower water bills and organize our finances. He is readily available when questions or concerns arise, returns phone calls promptly, and has the knowledge and experience to implement positive changes regarding Strata responsibilities. He has a solid understanding of the Condo Act. If he does not immediately know the answer to a question, he has the resources to find an adequate solution."

- Steve, Kamloops BC

"I have served on a Strata council for the past two years, one without property management and one with. When Columbia Property Management came on board I was personally involved in the transition and was impressed with the ease and professional attitude of John Brandon and his personal handling of all matters. I believe that the value of our property is enhanced by having property management."

- Flora, Ashcroft BC

"John Brandon's written presentation of the annual financial statements have been accurate and always in line with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. He was always well informed on the details and able to answer questions posed from the floor thus indicating a genuine interest in his work for the Strata Corporation."

- Robert, Kamloops, BC

"It is so good to have great people managing our properties! Show this to old 'whats his name' and tell him that we really appreciate his wonderful people!

- George, Kamloops BC

"As a Strata Council Member for the past 5 years, I have been associated with Columbia Property Management. I have been the chairperson for the past 3 years and I have found the people that I deal with at Columbia Property Management is congenial, helpful and they always do their very best to find me answers and solutions to problems in a very timely manner."

- J, Kamloops BC

"Our strata has been associated with Columbia Property Management for at least 10 years and we have found them to be very professional in all aspects of our business relationship. Just like any relationship, there are twists and turns but any problems are quickly resolved by accommodating staff. All in all, we are very pleased."

- Joe, Kamloops BC

"Columbia Management Co. has worked with us for many years and we are pleased with our association with them. They are always friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. We appreciate their professionalism and their support in all we do."

- Bev, Kamloops BC

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